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Where do I find Pricing?

The cost varies depending on many factors. Our menus are unique to every customer's individual preferences. Our free consultation provides you with a no-obligation and fully transparent breakdown.

Do I have to be home when you're cooking?

We prefer that you are available but we can work with any schedule. 

Will leftovers be stored?

Unless otherwise specified, ingredients will be packaged in our Eco friendly containers.


What if I have allergies but my guests don't?

We can customize each individual in a party based on preference and dietary needs so no worry, we're here for you!

Can I book last minute?

Call us right away at 213-792-2903! We will do our best to adjust to any last-minute services. They're not guaranteed, but we are usually able to figure it out for you. 

Can I book a service as a gift?

We like gifts and surprises too! We can work together on the best way to prepare a surprise!

Do you clean up after?

We leave the kitchen as we found it! Unfortunately, we are not a maid service so we can not be responsible for cleaning your plates and table settings, but we will take care of everything we use and any mess we made.

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