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"I've wanted to cook since I even knew what identity was. The kitchen was home to me. It was the only time women in my family could get along. It was a place of solitude and learning.
A peace inside my chaos."

Eclectic and true with every dish, this vibrant and quirky chef aspires to push past any boundaries that deems her powerful energy or colorful headwraps unfit for culinary greatness. 


Chef Kamareya’s love for food, art, healthy living, and her worldly culinary experiences is what ultimately led to the development of 4Espere, a personal chef service company based in Los Angeles. With a diverse team of culinary experts, 4Espere excels in providing a professional yet engaging experience and everlasting memory with every bite.

With over 10 years in the industry, Maryland native Chef Kamarreya has helmed several Michelin-starred kitchens in Washington DC (Gravitas and Masseria) under acclaimed names such as Matt Baker, and Nicholas Stefanelli. She has cooked for notable figures such as Dita Von Teese and Billie Eilish.  


As a black-owned business owner and advocate for promoting diversity in the culinary industry, Kamarreya aims to utilize 4Espere as a platform for other chefs to magnify their collective voice and elevate underrepresented people in all areas of the culinary world.

Along with being a chef, television personality, activist, and brand partner, she provides virtual cooking classes and actively participates in podcasts supporting women’s empowerment, sustainability, food education, and entrepreneurship.


Giving Back- Chef Kamarreya showcases her commitment to supporting local farms and businesses and continues to educate her team about the

 importance of farm to table dining. She also pledges to limit environmental impacts and her carbon blueprint as well as volunteering and donating to her local community.