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sustainability policy


4Espere is a unique take on an elite Personal Chef service in the greater Los Angeles area.  We aim to combine the techniques of up-and-coming culinary stars with very different skill sets in order to give a variety of dining experiences. 4Espere excels in creating professional yet engaging experiences that help ease the mind and unfold an everlasting memory. 

We pledge to

  • Limit environmental impacts and our carbon blueprint

  • Spread awareness on local issues  

  • Give back to our local communities by volunteering and donating 

  • Ensure our suppliers are responsible for social and environmental practices. 

  • Maintain and create innovative approaches to minimize negative environmental impacts

  • Improve the economy and integrate the social elements in everything we produce


Our involvement and awareness of worldly responsibilities encompass demonstrating innovative ways to create experiences for our clientele. We generate the ability to find comfort and familiarity in a better way of life through food.    


Our techniques and unique methods aid us in the ability to lead, learn, and teach based on principles of guidance, diversity, honor, and inclusivity.   

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